Eyelid hygiene

Eyelid hygiene is an effective prevention measure for eye and vision health.

Human vision is an extraordinarily complex and miraculous gift given by nature, reflecting our so diverse spiritual and physical condition. Simultaneously, however, the eyes are the vulnerable organism's very body, whose health is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain today.

Adverse ecological environment, which contributes to the spread of various allergies, prolonged computer work, reading, sewing, knitting and other visually strenuous activities in low light conditions, the use of various cosmetic products (often with a high content of irritants and harmful substances) and several other factors the development of diseases of the auxiliary organs of the eye - eyelids, conjunctiva and tear apparatus - of the eye, significantly deteriorating the quality of life.

In addition to the negative factors mentioned above, we often forget and pay insufficient attention to eye hygiene and the protection of such gentle and delicate barriers as eyelids.

Peculiarities and significance of eyelid structure

Eyelids are one of the most critical barriers that prevent various infectious bacteria from entering the eyes and protect them from the environment's harmful effects.

On the eyelids' free edge is a series of glandular ducts - sebaceous or Meiboma glands - whose substance - secretion - forms a lipid layer of the tear film, which protects the eyeball from drying out and has bactericidal properties. The Meibomian glands' dysfunction is one of the most common causes of blepharitis or inflammation of the lashes.

What indicates that your eyes need eyelid hygiene?

The classic symptoms of eyelid inflammation that indicate the need for eyelid hygiene are:

  • redness of the eyelids and eyes,
  • burning,
  • foreign body sensation in the eyes,
  • discharge from the eye,
  • crusty debris on eyelashes and in the corners of the eye that are most intense after waking up when they are crusted together, preventing normal opening,
  • In more severe and untreated cases, thickening of the eyelid, flaking of the skin, hypersensitivity to light and even deterioration of vision are also observed.

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should not hesitate and consult an ophthalmologist immediately!

How to correctly perform eyelid hygiene in case of inflammation?

  • In case of inflammation of the eyelid or blepharitis, warm compresses can help. You can also use special heat-cold glasses or silicone mask. Warming mask-glasses or compress improves blood microcirculation in the skin, relaxing the skin around the eyes. If additional medicinal products are used, it will promote the absorption of substances in the skin's deeper layers.
  • Eye mask - glasses in a cold way are especially recommended if there is oedema or hematoma around the eyes and eyelid injuries.
  • In the case of inflammation of the eyelids' margins, it is highly recommended to remove crusty debris with special wipes or cotton buds and baby shampoo. Cleansing should be easy and gentle so as not to injure the already sensitive edge of the eyelid.
  • In the case of inflammation, massage is also great. This is done by gently massaging the eyelid with your finger towards the lashes.
  • For effective eyelid treatment, including all the above procedures, we recommend eyelid hygiene with the latest generation device, "BlephEx". It is a quick and painless procedure performed by our clinic specialists.
    During the procedure, the specialist cleans each eyelid separately with special foam and disposable tips.

"BlephEx" hygiene procedure is very effective because not only the eyelids are cleaned, and a massage is performed, but also the medication necessary for treatment can be applied

To reduce the development of infections and inflammation in the eyes, we recommend this preventive procedure twice a year, just like dental hygiene.

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